23.78 carat Wobito cut free-form Opal and rough crystals from Ethiopia
Assorted Snowflake Gems
Yellow Beryl, Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline, and Csarite Snowflakes
Canadian Diamond Snowflake from the Ekati mine
1.14 ct. Snowflake Cut Diamond - Ekati mine
Assorted Snowflake Cut Sapphires
7.79 ct Cushion shaped Aquamarine from Mozambique
Aquamarine crystals and cushion shaped cut Gem from Mozambique
Snowflake cut Csarite Gem showing colour change.
1.14 ct Diamond Snowflake. Ekati mine.
AGTA Cutting Edge Award winning pair of Pink Tourmaline Gems
67.53 ct Csarite Gem and Crystal
Wobito Cut Csarite Gem - 67.53 cts
Wobito Cut Imperial Topaz and Crystal Specimens
Wobito Cut Imperial Topaz
Wobito Cut Imperial Topaz from Brazil
Citrine - Three views
Wobito Cut Citrine from Brazil
Wobito Cut Aquamarine from Brazil. Santa Maria colour.
Aquamarine Crystal from Kazakhstan
Amethyst Gem from Brazil
Amethyst Crystal
Green Tourmalines and Indicolite from Brazil
Wobito Cut Champagne Topaz. Earrings by Artwork Gallery
Wobito cut Pink Tourmalines from Nigeria. Ring by Artwork Gallery
Ruby and Zoisite specimen from Greenland
Ruby from Greenland. Approximately 1 cm in diameter